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Oklahoma Lemon Law
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Oklahoma does not have a lemon law for used vehicles. If you purchased a used vehicle and you are having problems with it, please click here or go to our Practice Area page "Car Dealer Fraud" to learn more about your rights. 

If you purchased a new vehicle, Oklahoma has a lemon law that requires the manufacturer to repurchase your vehicle from you under limited circumstances. 

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If you purchased a new vehicle and within the first year of ownership had to take it in for repairs under the manufacturer warranty for a defect(s) but the service department failed to repair your vehicle so that it lives up to the express terms of the warranty, you may have a lemon. 

If you have a Lemon, Oklahoma law requires the manufacturer to accept the return of the vehicle and refund the full purchase price including all taxes, license, registration fees, and all similar governmental fees, excluding interest, less a reasonable allowance for your use of the vehicle or replace the motor vehicle with a comparable new model acceptable to you.  

Manufacturers often refuse to honor customer demands that the vehicle is declared a LEMON almost daring customer to sue them because they know finding proven trial lawyers, like Humphreys Wallace Humphreys P.C., who will represent consumers against the auto industry is difficult.  We sue automobile manufacturers for failing to follow the Oklahoma Lemon Law.