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Our Philosophy

We are trial lawyers with decades of experience in the trenches. We have chosen to represent people that have been victimized by corporate fraud or abuse. We do not represent business interests that take advantage of people.  Our results speak for themselves. We have earned a reputation for taking on matters that have drawn national attention. Trial by jury is a powerful equalizer in our society, but the truth is that the system works best for the party who does the hard work necessary to understand and speak the truth.

We have extensive training and experience to understand and tell our client's stories. A jury trial is a search for the truth. Even though our civil justice system is often criticized, trial by jury represents the best way to discover the truth.

We are by choice an intentionally small firm. Your case, if we can accept it, will be directly handled or overseen by one of our partners. Because we are a small firm, our ability to review your potential case is limited to those matters in which we believe there is a realistic chance that we can take on your case. Unfortunately, our ability to give free legal advice is very limited because of our obligations to existing clients.