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On October 29, 2009, an Oklahoma County District Court Jury returned a verdict finding Jackie Cooper Imports guilty of fraud. The jury also found Jackie Cooper Imports acted intentionally and with malice and awarded a total of $332,800 in actual and punitive damages for fraud and negligence.

The trial uncovered a fraudulent business scheme at Jackie Cooper to buy previously wrecked cars at discount prices and to resell them to unsuspecting consumers. Dealership management refuses to tell front line sales employees which cars have been wrecked. Instead, the dealership admitting to instructing its sales staff to say “I don't know” when asked by a customer about the previous wreck history of a used vehicle on its lot.

Jackie Cooper testified at trial that the dealership made no mistakes and treated their customer as intended and as any other customer. At trial, the dealer insisted that it sold the car “As-Is” and that their customer was at fault for buying the car and relying on its sales staff rather than having it inspected by a third party. If you buy from Jackie Cooper Imports in Edmond, be sure to have the car inspected by a BMW certified repair shop elsewhere.

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