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What New Mexico Residents Need to Know about Debt Management, Credit Card Debt Relief, and Student Loan Debt Management

David Humphreys Jan. 19, 2023

Do any of the names below look familiar to you? Have you been contacted by anyone making promises to help you get out of debt?

General Debt Relief Providers

Debt Settlement

  • Accredited Debt Relief

  • The Credit Firm

  • Debtmerica Relief

  • Americor Funding

  • InCharge Debt Solutions

  • Century Support Services (or CenturySS)

Tax Debt Relief

Credit Card Debt

No one in a for-profit business can charge you money to manage, negotiate or “settle” your personal debt if you live in New Mexico. New Mexico wisely chose to outlaw this type of business. In practice, stopping payments to your student lender or credit card company and directing your money instead to an unknown third party can result in fraud and deception. The inherently predatory nature of the business model should be banned nationwide but it is not.

These businesses continue to offer their unlawful services here. When an unscrupulous business owner markets these services to people living with the fear of debt, the result often ends with you having more debt, worse credit, and more misery in your family and work life.

Can I Get My Money Back From A Debt Relief Company?

Chances are, yes you can. The facts of each dispute need to be evaluated to make that determination. Click here for a case review.