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DRV Suites Safety Defect

David Humphreys June 16, 2023

We have recently learned that DRV Suites, a popular RV manufacturer, may have misrepresented the pin weight on their fifth wheels.

Pin weight refers to the weight that is transferred from the fifth wheel hitch to the tow vehicle's rear axle. It is a critical factor in determining the safety and stability of the RV while towing. DRV Suites pin weights may exceed their stated weight by hundreds of pounds.

This misrepresentation can have serious consequences for consumers. An RV with a higher pin weight than advertised can put too much strain on the tow vehicle's rear axle, causing it to sag and affect the steering and braking performance. It can also exceed the weight capacity of the tow vehicle, leading to a dangerous situation on the road.

Consumers who have purchased a DRV Suites fifth wheel should be aware of this issue and take steps to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the road. Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Get your RV weighed: It is important to know the actual pin weight of your RV. You can do this by taking your RV to certified scale that can determine pin weight.

  2. Check your tow vehicle's weight capacity: Make sure your tow vehicle can handle the weight of your RV, including the actual pin weight.

  3. Send a letter to DRV Suites and ask for your money back. This is not likely. You can also get a lawyer to write the letter.  

  4. Seek legal help: If DRV Suites refuses to cooperate or if you have suffered damages or injuries due to the misrepresentation, seek the help of a consumer law firm. Our attorneys can help you pursue legal action and hold the manufacturer accountable for their deceptive practices.

In conclusion, if you have purchased a DRV Suites fifth wheel, be aware that the pin weight may be higher than advertised. Take steps to ensure your safety on the road and seek legal help if necessary. Remember, as a consumer, you have the right to accurate and truthful information from manufacturers.