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Our results speak for themselves. We have earned a reputation for taking on matters that have drawn national attention. Trial by jury is a powerful equalizer in our society, but the truth is that the system works best for the party who does the hard work necessary to understand and speak the truth.

We have extensive training and experience to understand and tell our client’s story. A jury trial is a search for the truth. Even though our civil justice system is often criticized, trial by jury represents the best way to discover the truth.

We believe that all of the talk about “runaway jury verdicts” is simply misplaced blame, almost always the result of a complete failure by lawyers to understand and explain the truth of their case to the jury. That being said, good lawyers know how to evaluate and settle their cases fairly. There should be no big surprises at trial. You deserve a realistic, truthful and full disclosure of the risks and potential benefits of putting your case before a jury.

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CFPB Weighs In on Arbitration Clauses

Attorney David Humphreys, partner in Humphreys Wallace Humphreys, P.C. law firm, was interviewed by Tulsa World columnist Ginnie Graham for her story on the recent announcement by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) concerning the widespread use of arbitration clauses in...

Mortgage Servicing Failure – HOs Paying the Price

Homeowners in Northern California have filed a lawsuit against Nationstar Mortgage LLC for demanding erroneous monthly payment amounts, misapplying payments, wrongful collections, and false credit reporting. These homeowners had an adjustable rate mortgage (“ARM”), and Nationstar...